Long Term Biological Storage with no LN2 as Cooling Medium

Thermo Scientific has a range of ultra-low temperature Cryogenic Chest Freezers for ultra-reliable sample protection designed for long-term biological storage at uniform temperatures of -140ºC and -150ºC without LN2 as a cooling medium.  This obviously eliminates the need for maintaining a supply of LN2.

As a result of the absence of LN2, 100% of the interior space is usable, and up to 21 600 samples can be stored in the ULT-10140 freezer and 14 400 samples in the ULT-7150 freezer model.  Another feature is the specially mixed CFC/HCFC-free refrigerants to maximise cooling and minimise environmental impact.  Better cabinet temperature uniformity is provided by the downfeed evaporator that helps with refrigerant flow for higher efficiency.  A washable condenser filter that is easily removable with no tools necessary keeps fins free of dust to maintain peak cooling efficiency.

Other safety features include an incident monitor that provides visual and audible warning of system abnormalities.  Intuitive operation is performed by using the microprocessor control system with touchpad data entry and digital display.