The Lifebrain Group, a medical diagnostic laboratory group, is one of the largest providers of
clinical laboratory tests in Europe and is well known for its extensive experience in COVID-19
tests as well as its broad expertise in laboratory analysis in the healthcare and food sector.

Founded by CEO, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Havel and CFO Mag. Bernhard Auer in 2013, its roots are
in Italy, however in the autumn of 2020 they created one of the most modern PCR-COVID-19
laboratories in Austria. The new laboratory was created in close cooperation with the City of
Vienna and can perform 60,000 PCR tests per day. The laboratory runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week delivering essential COVID test- diagnostics.

The laboratory in Austria was not planned, it was set up in just four weeks, and Lifebrain needed
a reliable water purification specialist who would be able to provide them with their pure water
requirements under extremely urgent timelines.

ELGA labwater together with their Austrian business partner BVS Wassertechnik were the specialists
to win the project, installing two MEDICA ® Pro RE 120 water purification systems in the four week
timeline. The MEDICA Pro systems are ideal for the needs of Lifebrain, delivering CLRW Standard water
in high volumes for high performing clinical diagnostic analyzers. With the high volumes of daily
testing the MEDICA systems produce up to 120 liters of water per hour each and ensure that Lifebrain
can continue daily with its important work, creating enormous additional COVID-19 test capacities in
Austria, at affordable prices and of the highest quality.

Elga is supported by Labotec in South Africa. For any specialist advise, please contact us.