Labotec’s Large Volume Labotec Drying Oven With Three Choices

Labotec's Large Volume Labotec Drying Oven With Three Choices

Three standard sizes of large scale locally made industrial ovens for curing or drying volumous amounts of samples are available from Labotec’s Industrial Drying oven range. The bigger sized ovens; 700, 1400 and 2000 litres are specifically manufactured with more space to fit in more load. These robust and reliable drying ovens operate using solid state switching, and allow for continuous arduous operation.

The Drying Ovens operates at temperatures ambient +7°C to 250°C, with a control accuracy of around 0.5°C. This is controlled by electronic P.I.D. temperature control with digital indication of set and process value and a high accuracy pt100 temperature sensor and solid state control relay for optimum reliability. The doors are mounted on robust hinges and the door seal is manufactured from long lasting silicon for effective sealing. The shelves are adjustable and can be supplied with a convenient purpose built push-in trolley making it easier to load and offload the samples outside the oven.