Labotec Team Breaks Away to Soweto

The Labotec staff Breakaway is an annual event that attempts to lure all staff out of their usual routine and test if they have nerves of steel, can live up to a challenge and generally laugh out loud.  It also rewards those who have excelled during the year.  This year was no different, and our Durban and Cape Town branches joined the Head office in Midrand on a trip to Soweto.

The first challenge had seven teams running around Bara Market on a treasure hunt to purchase a list of food items and do certain tasks.  The purchases from the market were taken to the Ekukhanyeni Creche and handed over to the delightful children and teachers.  Giving and receiving formed a big part of the day, and around 35 people from the township not formally employed were able to receive an income for their contribution.  This included the World Renowned Kliptown Youth Programme Dance troupe who taught Labotec staff a Gumboot Dance Routine and then judged the somewhat hilarious performances of the seven teams as they took to the stage.  Nobody danced with a straight face.

Before transversing the narrow winding dust road to Kliptown, nominated team members climbed in relay format, up and down to and from a point on the most colourful landmark in Soweto; the Orlando Towers.  All challenges were met with enthusiasm, including the oldest staff member who is 75 years old! Many of the Labotec staff spent the entire weekend recovering from stiffness, but returned to work as per normal on Monday morning.