This year the Labotec team was invited to explore their inner creativity at their annual teambuilding and award event held at the Clay Café, Big Red Barn in Midrand. Being a scientific company, many members of staff are equipped with analytical brains, and the general feeling was slight uneasiness about painting on ceramics and expressing their “creativity”, especially with all their work colleagues watching over their shoulders.


Everyone had to choose from an array of unfired bisque and a wide selection of colourful paints and create crockery. Despite being apprehensive about the task at hand, the challenge was met with the usual optimism and cheerfulness of the Labotec staff.  In creating something both personal and completely unique, most ended up being completely amazed at what they could achieve, and found the exercise very relaxing. The prize giving for the top Labotec achievers for the year was held after lunch.  The main prize, Salesperson of the Year, went to Luane van der Merwe.