Labotec have been awarded two 2021 Excellence Awards for Best Laboratory Equipment Supplier – South Africa on behalf of Global Health & Pharma, in the sixth annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, and Best Laboratory Equipment Supply Company Sub-Saharan Africa by MEA (Middle East Africa) Markets magazine in the African Excellence Business Awards.  Labotec are extremely honoured and humbled to receive both accolades.

Global Health (GBH) is a 260 000 strong multi-disciplinary members’ community and information sharing platform to enhance the communications and collaborative efforts across all fields within Human, Animal and Environmental Health.

MEA Markets provides the latest business and investment news across the Middle East and Africa regions. Now in its fifth year, the African Excellence programme continues to highlight the companies and leaders who are spearheading and driving industry across the continent.

In their press release MEA Markets stated, “it is easy to see how Africa looks set to prove itself a vital business hub in the future. Defined today by innovation and adaptation, the continent has already established a strong foundation for excellence, impressing in a plethora of fields and industries. Perhaps nothing speaks to the region’s ethos than the last twelve months; at a time when countries all over the world struggled for normalcy, many businesses in Africa capitalised and took the opportunity to grow and thrive”.

The GBH Selection Process

“Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence”. The judging panel is an unbiased international collective of individuals, with backgrounds from a myriad of fields, such as business, economy, politics, media, journalism, history and education.