Labotec Precision Balance Series presents an economically crafted line of analytical balances, precision balances, bench-top scales, and moisture analyzers tailored for general laboratory weighing needs. Crafted with a durable modular design, these high-quality balances ensure an efficient weighing experience across diverse applications. Not only do they promise accuracy, reliability, and repeatability, but they also boast an appealingly fresh blue design, adding a touch of modernity.


The series includes:


  • Analytical Balance Range: Engineered with electromagnetic force compensation for enhanced resolution, these balances deliver high performance, supporting capacities up to 500g and readabilities down to 0.1mg.


  • Top Loader Precision Balances: User-friendly and equipped with high precision load cells, these balances offer capacities up to 6,000g, a remarkable stability time, and a small footprint, ensuring precise and efficient weighing.


  • Top Loader Bench Scales: Ideal for warehouse, factory, and laboratory use, these scales feature a larger stainless steel weighing pan and robust construction suitable for industrial settings. With capacities reaching 33kg, they provide reliable weighing solutions without compromising simplicity of operation.


  • MT Range Moisture Analyzers: Addressing moisture analysis needs across industries, this range simplifies the process with a halogen lamp ensuring uniform heating for dependable results. Offering a readability of up to 0.01% and a 110g capacity, these analyzers cater to a wide spectrum of moisture analysis requirements.


Labotec Precision Series stands as a testament to Labotec’s commitment to delivering dependable, accurate, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring reliability and precision in every weighing application.