Labotec Incubators For Cooling & Shaking

Labotec’s house branded IncoCool and IncoShake are suitably priced incubators intended for a variety of laboratory functions, specifically designed for Southern African conditions, but also manufactured to the expected quality standards.  IncoCool is a low temperature incubator that operates from -10 – 60ºC with a capacity of 150 liters.  IncoShake is a shaking incubator with vibration free operation and operates in the temperature range from 0 – 60ºC and comes in a 14 and 150 litre capacity.  Both have an accuracy level of ±0.3 ºC.


Feature of the ergonomic IncoCool and IncoShake includes the fan assisted air circulation, powder coated housing to ensure no condensation on the outer case in humid conditions with interior 304 grade stainless steel, and a resettable push button circuit breaker for additional protection.  Controllers incorporate an easily operated PID controller with digital set point and digital process value indication with an electronic controller. The IncoShake has a micro switch cut off on the door and internal light for viewing samples through an outer anti mist glass viewing port.  Various flask configurations are possible here with a maximum platform load of 8 kg.