Labotec Establishes Preclinical Imaging Portfolio with MR Solutions

Labotec is proud to announce the commencement of their distributorship with MR SOLUTIONS, a world leader in the development of innovative preclinical imaging solutions. Based in the UK, MR SOLUTIONS are responsible for having developed and manufactured the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (no liquid helium or so called dry magnet), preclinical MRI systems up to 9.4T Tesla suited to in vivo investigations.  These systems can be used in many areas of research such as oncology, developmental biology, cardiovascular disease, neurology and drug development.

The MR SOLUTIONS product range forms the basis of Labotec’s new preclinical imaging products portfolio. Their MRI systems are complimented by their multimodality capabilities with imaging modalities such as PET and SPECT for real-time / simultaneous imaging with MRI.

The flagship in the MR SOLUTIONS product line is their MRI imaging systems. It features their cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology which eliminates the need for liquid helium cooling, thus providing many benefits not the least being reducing running costs. All MRI’s are self-shielded which  means that room shielding is not required and the lack of liquid helium means that all the costly installation requirements such as quench pipes are not required. The MRI’s have extremely small fringe-fields and can be operated next to other sensitive laboratory systems. This means that multi-modality imaging, a common requirement for the researcher, is easily achieved.

The systems come with field strengths from 3.0 to 9.4T and bore sizes from 17 to 31cm making them suited to all small animal models. PET and SPECT modules expand the MRI system providing multimodal imaging capabilities, with the different data sets able to be simultaneously acquired.  Another unique feature of these MRI’s is that it is possible to operate the same MRI at different field strengths, further enhancing the powerful capabilities of these instruments.