Labotec aquires Miccra agency for SA

MIccra D-9

Labotec has been awarded the exclusive agency in Southern Africa for Miccra GmbH. Miccra GmbH was founded 1994 in Germany as an innovative manufacturer of homogenizing and dispersing devices.

Highly specialised in their field, with all homogenizers absolutely only made in Germany to high quality standards, local Southern African customers can expect a shorter homogenizing duration than with most tools on the market, a saving in analysis time, avoidance of any detrimental heating of the samples and a quicker delivery of results.

Miccra GmbH has their own research and development department, and is therefore able to provide any advice on special customer´s applications using their scientific experts. “We cooperate with leading universities and high reputation research institutes. In this way the experience of our customers influences directly the construction ideas of the tools”. Partnering with Labotec who have the necessary network, skills, delivery, workshop/maintenance and storage facilities and expertise therefore makes perfect sense to bring these high quality products to local markets. In addition, customer can benefit from up to a 5 year warranty that is provided on products. .

The delivery program with the brand name MICCRA Homogenizing System consists of :

• 4 powerful current drives up to 39 000 rpm
• nearly 70 homogenizing tools combined in a block building system by 8 different stators from coarse to fine, 10 rotors for cutting, mixing and emulsify,
• different shaft length in dependence from the customer´s application and up to 30.000 ml.
• 3 compact tools for homogenization in biotechnology
– a 5 mm tool for samples from 0,1 up to 20 ml
– a 8 mm tool for samples from 1,0 up to 100 ml
– a 14mm tool for samples from 10 up to 250ml
• Special program inline devices for industrial production called MICCRA Pro Inline