Labotec held their annual company potjie competition in September to welcome spring, life, good food and build team camaraderie among the various departments at their Midrand headquarters. The weather looked good at 28°C and was bright and sunny at midday when the judging began, which emulated the mood of the participants. Everyone played their part as the “Paradoxical Gangsters from Paradise (Dispatch team), Shady Moonshine Runners (Sales team), Big Chief Crouching Tiger (Business Admin Division), the LTS Cowboys (Technicians) and American Mustangs (Batswadi) took up the challenge to produce the best tasting potjie.

Judging was based half on teamwork / best themed dress (with an American theme to embrace the new leadership) / best table & food presentation, and then the other half was judged on the potjie taste. In the end, the Labotec sales team – the Moonshine Runners, with their outstanding attention to detail complete with a delicious American apple pie for desert, took first place in the closely contested competition where much fun was had by all.