JULABO has expanded their product portfolio of high-end bridge mounted circulators, refrigerated and heating laboratory circulators, and called it the MAGIO series.  These premium quality circulators operate in a working temperature range from -50 °C to +300 °C and with a heating capacity of up to 3 kW.  Manufactured in Germany and available locally through Labotec, one can expect the MAGIO series to achieve excellent heating/cooling performance with a guaranteed short heat-up and cool-down time.

On all models, the wetted parts are made from stainless steel. In combination with high-performance pumps, this makes the circulators particularly suitable for challenging external applications. The high resolution touch display guarantees simple, intuitive operation and optimal visibility of all relevant functions. Thanks to the proven JULABO premium quality, all models meet the highest standards in terms of precision, reliability, and functionality.  There is a wide selection of accessories.  All MAGIO instruments can be tailored to customer-specific applications in a modular and individual way. Modern interfaces and an integrated programmer complete the intelligent design of the MAGIO models.


MAGIO MS refrigerated / heating circulator

As with all circulators from the MAGIO range, the refrigerated circulators stand out thanks to their premium quality, high performance and intuitive operation. The devices offer extra strong pressure and suction pumps, thus fulfilling the highest demands for temperature control of external applications. Whether in basic research, material testing or technical systems – the MAGIO refrigerated circulators offer high-tech solutions for high customer requirements.

MAGIO MS and MX bridge mounted circulators

MAGIO bridge mounted circulators combine high temperature control performance with maximum flexibility. The adjustable bridge means that the circulators can be used with bath tanks up to a filling volume of 100 litres.

MAGIO MS / MX heating circulators

This series offer extra powerful pressure and suction pumps to meet the most challenging demands for temperature control of external applications. Samples can also be temperature controlled in the internal bath of the high-quality, insulated and closed bath tank.