At KNF, All Signals Are On “Green for Go” For The Process Industry

KNF, who are locally supported by Labotec, have introduced a selection of its diaphragm pumps for the process industry in a new, bold green colour.

By choosing to manufacture these products in green, the company is underlining the special position that the diaphragm pumps – which feature a flow rate of up to 300 l/min – hold in principal areas of the process industry.  From sample gas pumps for process gas analysis to emissions monitoring, the transfer of explosive processing media and the recovery of valuable gases, KNF’s highly specialized, durable pumps are the number one choice wherever safety, precision and reliability are crucial.  For example, when measuring emissions, they ensure a steady volume of sample gas to prevent readings from being distorted, even though the processing media may reach temperatures of up to 2400C. KNF pumps also achieve outstanding levels of performance when carrying out evacuation and compression processes.

KNF observes the market closely and continuously works on revising the technical specifications of its products in line with the latest developments. In light of this, pumps with pump heads featuring an optimized design and new construction materials were presented to the industry by the company for the first time at ACHEMA in Germany last year.  This new technical standard is exactly what the process industry needs to overcome the increasingly tougher operating conditions with which it is faced. The updated technical characteristics also full fill the growing requirements for efficiency.