It’s About Fusion Cuisine – Labotec Staff Challenge

It's About Fusion Cuisine - Labotec Staff Challenge

Labotec teambuilding took on a different challenge this year with the staff being lured out of the office with the promise of delicious food.  The twist was that they had to create and cook it themselves and produce a delicious fusion of Afro-Euro cuisine in a Masterchef style competition, which took most out of their comfort zone since the menu everyone had to create was elaborately more complicated than usual.  Fortunately, Labotec staff took to the challenge with gusto and enthusiasm, which was enhanced by the charming surroundings of Bundu kitchen in Chartwell.

In addition to the teambuilding activities, top performers at Labotec were rewarded for their performances the past year, with the main prize going to the sales person of the year, Natasha Malan.