The extensive experience of Swiss manufacturer Buchi, exclusively supplied locally by Labotec, in the field of natural products research covers the complete workflow from the initial extraction to the isolation and formulation of a bioactive molecule.

Buchi Laboratory evaporators and Industrial scale rotary evaporators allow a fully automated concentration of natural extracts and recovery of the extraction solvent.  Afterwards the concentrated extract is purified on flash and preparative HPLC column to isolate the target active compound.

For the isolation process, Buchi offers time saving and efficient solutions supported by decades of application expertise in evaporation and separation techniques:

  • Unattended evaporation and concentration of the natural extracts: Rotavapor® R-300 equipped with a foam sensor and the AutoDest option
  • Optimised solvent recovery : industrial Rotavapor® designed for easy solvent recycling at volumes up to 50L
  • Efficient isolation of the active compound using preparative chromatography: Reveleris® Prep enabling flash and prep HPLC separations on a single system