Introducing Two New Printers for Pathologists

Thermo Scientific Shandon PrintMate AS & Slidemate - Introducing Two New Printers for Pathologists

The new Thermo Scientific SlideMate AS and PrintMate AS offer compact size, easy-to-use design, and are now available from their local agents Labotec. Anatomical pathology professionals can reduce the frequency of patient identification errors with the help of two new Thermo Scientific on-demand printing systems. Whether at the grossing station or performing histology, technicians can save time and avoid errors inherent to hand-labelled cassettes and slides thanks to these two new printers.

The Thermo Scientific SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer offers laboratories an accurate, easy-to-use, integrated solution for printing microscope slides.  The SlideMate features a space-saving design that integrates the functionality of an external PC, label-creation software, barcode scanner and printer in a small, clutter-free footprint. Its compact, five-by-nine-inch form factor makes it an ideal labeling solution for laboratories where space is at a premium.

Similarly, the Thermo Scientific PrintMate AS on-demand cassette printer helps laboratorians save time by printing each cassette in ten seconds or less. Like the SlideMate, it features a compact design that saves benchtop space beside the grossing station. By printing barcodes directly onto cassettes, users can automate their downstream processes, such as identification at the microtome.

The simple, intuitive design of both the SlideMate AS and PrintMate AS makes operation easy. This allows the laboratory technician to focus more time on processing their work and ultimately enables them to be more effective and efficient. Both boast a variety of built-in interfaces offering easy integration into laboratories’ infrastructure.