Quality equipment at an affordable price, reliability, ease of use and durability in local conditions are some important factors when sourcing equipment for the African laboratory. While these factors are fundamental, there are often obstacles with time delays experienced when sourcing equipment and spares for maintenance from overseas suppliers with increase in downtime as a result.

After much trial and testing in the Labotec workshop in a quest to find mainly local manufactured elementary products that live up to the above quality expectations and provide a good basic simple starting point, Labotec have finally released their own branded range of basic laboratory essentials used in most labs everywhere.

The Labotec Eco range sports around 32 products in the range, all basic essentials often used in laboratories everywhere. The emphasis of this range is on local manufacture, durability and quality all available at an economical price for the local market.

The Eco range is an extension of the existing very popular Labotec EcoTherm and IncoTherm ovens and incubators, which already have a widespread footprint in local laboratories and proven competency over three decades.

In essence, Labotec Eco range is designed to pass on fundamental cost advantages, support local manufacture, provide in-stock spares timeously with Labotec’s qualified technical maintenance workshop to reduce any downtime, and probably most importantly, provide the necessary specified accuracy and uniformity when in use.  As assurance, Labotec is supplying this range with a two year guarantee.    

The range can be divided into three sections : Heating & Cooling, Mix, stir & shake, General Lab


IncoTherm Incubators & EcoTherm Ovens

The Labotec IncoTherm incubators are ideal for use in microbiology and related fields, will operate at temperatures ambient +7°C to 110°C with a choice of 6 capacities. IncoTherm’s digital series has a high accuracy PT100 temperature sensor. These popular benchtop models have a new ergonomic design with stainless steel body construction and a slam lock door handle for easy closing.

Labotec’s EcoTherm ovens also sport the new stainless steel body and slam lock door, and will operate in the temperature range of ambient +7°C to 250°C with a choice of 5 different capacities, ideal for drying processes, ageing, curing and general thermal investigations.

This range is extended with the EcoTherm Glassware Drying Oven and Industrial Oven with internal volume up to 1400litres that operates in the temperature range of ambient +7°C to 250°C, while the larger size 2000 litre oven will operate within temperature, ambient +7°C to 130°C.

IncoShake Shaking Incubators

The IncoShake range consists of two 150 litre models with temperature ranges from 0 – 60ºC, (the difference is one model has a refrigeration system & automatic defrost), plus there is a smaller 14 litre entry level solution for sample agitation at controlled temperature. The units all feature microprocessor speed control and digital indicating of speed with an easy to use setting knob and 120 minute timer with infinity setting.

IncoGrow Low Temperature Incubators

Labotec IncoGrow growth chambers provide reproducible light or temperature conditions for all your growing requirements. They feature automatic defrost function for ease of use, weekly programmable timer and independently controlled lighting allowing a selection of different lux levels.

EcoBath Waterbaths & Circulators

This range ensures uniform and accurate heating and cooling with a powerful circulation pump for uniform temperature distribution in the bath. They are equipped with a high accurate pt100 temperature sensor, and control is electronic PID with a digital indication of set and process value.  The EcoBath heatable range is suitable for water or oil applications, while there are also other options for Circulating, Low temperature and Shaking Water Baths.

EcoSteam Steambaths

Suitable for many types of digestion experiments, the EcoSteam bath can accommodate a variety of round bottom kjeldahl flasks and has a unique lid design that ensures all water vapour returns back to the bath.

EcoBlock Heating Blocks

This range of Dry Heating Blocks all feature PID controllers with various block hole diameter selections, and a choice of maximum temperature from ambient up to 200°C or 450°C.

EcoPlate Hotplates

Engineered for longevity, there are two hotplate finishes suitable for different applications. The mild steel hotplate is the laboratory workhorse for general heating while the more advanced digital aluminium EcoPlate is equipped with PID temperature control and ensures even temperature distributions for more sensitive applications.



MagneStir Magnetic Stirrers

Labotec MagneStir range has a magnetic stirrer suitable for all applications from basic to ceramic models, with chemical resistance heating plate, and integrated temperature probe with digital display, right through to the heavy duty stainless steel model for stirring larger volumes. They will all give consistent and reproducible mixing and stirring results and are suitable for most types of lab applications with controlled stirring and heating is required.

EcoStir Overhead Stirrer

The EcoStir can handle maximum volumes to 20 litres, has solid state electronic control with RPM 100-2500 adjustable height and easy-to-set digital control.

OrbiShake Plaform Shaker

The Labotec OrbiShake with its robust, functional design and trouble-free operation creates a shaking motion for mixing liquids in flasks conducive to culturing cells. There is a full range of accessories for all clamping requirements.



SonicClean Ultrasonic Cleaners

These cleaners are effective cleaners suitable for a variety of cleaning applications. Manufactured from long lasting stainless steel tanks, there are four model sizes all fitted with 60 minute timers with a bypass function. The bigger models have drain taps for easy maintenance.


The Labotec LabTrolley has a 50kg per shelf carrying capacity and is characterised by its robust stainless steel construction and hygienic, easy-to-clean design.   The 100mm easy-glide, silent running heavy duty caster wheels ensure no snagging on floor joints or lift entrances.

FilterPress and RiffleSplitters

These two ranges are used in the industrial laboratories. The FilterPress is used for de-watering slurry and general investigation of remnants. The RiffleSplitters are available in a variety of chamber sizes for even splitting of your sample for further analysis.

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