Take advantage of 50 years of research into air filtration technology.

Erlab has developed the most advanced air filtration technology in the world for over 50 years for chemical and biological laboratories.  This technology is now available to everyone. Erlab’s Halo P Smart with medical grade HEPA  filtration will filter molecules, pathogenic particles, and PM 2.5 which pose the greatest risk to health and well-being. This makes it a complete air treatment system for room level mitigation with 99.995% clean air for workspaces, healthcare facilities, aged care homes, doctors’ rooms, hospitals, meeting rooms, restaurants, gyms, etc, creating a market-leading professional solution for purifying the air in enclosed spaces where people gather.

The most powerful filters on the market to respond to SARS-CoV-2.

Erlab equips its Halo P Smart air stations with a laboratory grade HEPA H14 particulate filter or, if necessary, an ULPA U16 or U17 particulate filter for situations posing the highest health risks.

Compliant with the EN 1822 particulate filtration standard, the HEPA and ULPA filters provided for the Halo P Smart air filtration system ensure ultra-low particle penetration and can achieve a pollution-free air filtration efficiency of between 99.995% (HEPA H14 filter) and 99.999995% (ULPA U17 filter), which is between 10 and 1000 times more powerful than other air purifiers currently on the market.

These filters are designed for the most complex health situations. They effectively and significantly reduce the spread of all viral and bacterial pollutants, particulate matter and allergens. These filters are the same as those used in all laboratory microbiological safety cabinets for handling pathogenic microorganisms in total safety

The center of your ceiling is the perfect place to combat pollution.

Safer and more effective. As people speak, cough, sneeze, and even breathe, they release droplets, which over a quick period of time will become droplet nuclei. These smaller droplets, which are between 5µm & 0.125µm will remain suspended around five feet in the air for up-to 16 hours. Placement of the Halo is key to driving these potentially pathogenic particles up and away from the breathing zone and at the same time, it will protect people walking around the room.

Air safety and energy savings

A single device is sufficient for real-time purification of 3,531 ft³ of air, which is the volume of air in a room with 376 ft² of floorspace. It works continuously to entirely replenish the air in a room up to twice an hour.

Installing one or more Halo P Smart in a cafeteria, classroom, gym or retirement home guarantees a high level of air quality without having to resort to cumbersome air renewal systems or connections to HVAC systems (Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning) which can redistribute chemical or biological atmospheric pollutants throughout a building. In addition, by constantly filtering the air in the room without releasing it into the atmosphere, installing a Halo P Smart can result in substantial energy savings.

Watch this video on how Halo improves ventilation effectiveness by mitigating the risk of aerosolised transmission.