Implen Microvolume Nanophotometers with Smart Features

Implen Microvolume Nanophotometers

Implen has launched a completely new attractive looking range of Nanophotometers to measure the smallest of DNA, RNA and protein nanovolume samples (0.3 – 4 microlitres) on the market today.  Researchers now have the convenience of automatic dilutions and other built-in features to save time and money along with a reduced handling error.  These features include automatic internal calibration on start-up, a built-in vortex mixer to mix the sample properly for accurate results and with no moving internal parts, the instrument is portable and can be moved to wherever it is needed.  A Free Trial for an in-lab demo of the Nanophotometer® from the local agent Labotec can be requested at or contact Labotec Head Office on 011 3155434.

There are four models to choose from all with spectral ranges from 200 – 900nm measuring 260/230 and 260/280 ratios.  They are all equipped with pre-programmed nucleic acid & protein methods or alternatively can be customised to meet a specification.  Choices exist between a built-in cuvette, built-in vortex mixer, and built-in battery pack depending on the model.  All Implen nanophotometers are portable and modularly designed with an easy-to-use built-in touch screen.  The results can be sent to a PC standalone, or to your smartphone or tablet.  On start-up the internal calibration will ensure that the instrument is ready-to-measure, so avoiding any recurring calibration costs and thus also saving time.