Hirayama Autoclaves Conform To SANS 347

Hirayama autoclaves HV range

Hirayama, a company renowned for their autoclaves that enjoy widespread usage in Southern African labs, has conformed to the South African National Standard SANS 347:2012. All Hirayama autoclaves sold by Labotec, the local representatives, going forward will bear the new certification of conformity to pressure requirements, design and fabrication according to the local SABS standard. This certification ensures users of secure design construction and safe operation.

The Hirayama HV range has been equipped with a few desirable features and functions worth knowing about.

The first feature enables easy access to the chamber. To use Hirayama’s patented electromechanical lock system, which safely opens the lid to the chamber, all one needs to do is press the one-touch lever. The chamber lid opens vertically upwards. This design feature is intended to save space, especially when compared to models where the lid swings out horizontally. When closing the lid, one can be assured of greater safety due to the dual-sensing interlock mechanism that comes into place. This safety system locks the lid by detecting the inner pressure and the temperature of the chamber.

Other built-in safety features include the double-sensing system for air exhaust where any residual air is detected with the dual sensor method so as not to affect sterilisation in the chamber. An auto-exhaust mechanism allows for the slow release of steam at a preset percentage rate after completion of the sterilisation cycle.

The sterilisation temperature range covers from 105 to 135°C, depending on the model used. A choice of chamber size with capacities of 25 liters; 50 liters; 85 liters and 110 liters are available. The standard accessories that form part and parcel of the unit are the stainless steel wire mesh baskets, bottom plate, drain hose, exhaust bottle and caster stoppers. Various optional extras are available. This includes a digital printer useful for accreditation purposes and GLP.

Helpful control functions include the programmable auto-start, and memory back up that retains itself even after a power failure. The process status display aids the operator by showing the exact status of the sterilisation process by means of flashing lights. Another useful feature – a process mode for agar – gives the user a choice of the required agar melting speed.