The Captair Smart range of High Precision weighing enclosures from Erlab is designed to provide safety for the operator, a stable base during precision weighing tasks and remote control of parameters in real time with the new App.  A high level of containment using protective airflow and filtration performance will provide a filtration efficiency of 99.995% for particles larger than 0.3µ. For precise results the Captair Smart Weighing enclosures are designed to allow weights to be measured with a precision up to 10-6g.


The way it works is residual powder of 0.3µ or higher are first trapped by a pre-filter, then by a HEPA H14 filter, while a special shield reduces air speed at the work surface level to virtually eliminate surface fluctuations.  For liquid chemicals, a high efficiency carbon filter ULPA17 is used.  Both these filters can be used together.  To further improve accuracy and eliminate turbulences, particularly when using precision balances, the operator can interrupt the ventilation for a few seconds using an easily accessible exclusive waste system.  HEPA filtration guarantees the operator total protection against the particles handled within the enclosure.


Four different models are available to choose from, and without having to resort to ducting, the Smart enclosure can be installed anywhere in your laboratory. By downloading the eGuard App on your phone, pc, or tablet, from Google Play or the Apple store, remote control and monitoring of the weighing enclosure is also possible.