Susan West (pictured above), Lecturer for the Veterinary Skills Laboratory at TUT uses Type II water from the Elga Chorus for the student lab work where serology, bacteriology, parasitology and molecular practicals are combined to give work integrated competency.

The new Veterinary Skills Laboratory at TUT were the first in the country to commission the ELGA Chorus  water purification system supplied by Labotec, and in its second year of operation, the system is faring well. The laboratory offers fourth year students a work integrated approach to training. Here industry is simulated with a multi-disciplinary competency approach where serology, bacteriology, parasitology and molecular practices are combined.  For this reason, a good quality source of water is needed.

PURELAB® Chorus 2 from Elga with type II water was the perfect fit for the course applications, which require reliable, high purity water with good organic, inorganic and microbial control, but where ultrapure water was not essential. Chorus systems are particularly well suited for use in laboratories with limited laboratory space.  This particular water system in the Veterinary Skills Laboratory is modular and therefore stackable, which saves valuable bench space.

Susan West, (Lecturer) explains, “The system is very easy to use.  When the white light blinks, it is ready for use, which is ideal for students.”  The new Chorus products allow customers to assemble a truly bespoke system, fully optimised to best fit their application, budget and the configuration of their laboratory – all without compromising on water quality or the visual appeal of the unit. “The Veterinary Skills laboratory’s water system uses an external pre-filter for incoming water, which means the internal filter on the system need change only once a year at this stage”, added Susan.

Demand for the Veterinary Technology course has increased as the industry needs more technologists. This has meant that student groups are getting bigger with each yearly intake, and presently TUT is the only training institute in the country to offer a Veterinary Technology course.  By setting up job competencies and simulating real laboratory circumstances in the syllabus, helps give students the necessary practical exposure for their field.