Ideal centrifuge solutions for molecular, diagnostics, cell culture, serology & cytology

In an effort to better support your sales activities and to offer application-based centrifuge solutions during these times, Labotec have partnered with Hettich to supply customized packages for serology, cytology, cell culture and the most current topic around the corona virus; molecular diagnostics. (see here for more information on special packages).

Molecular Diagnostics

In times of the COVID-19 Corona virus and influenza viruses, molecular diagnostics have become more important than ever. Hettich’s microliter centrifuge cooled MIKRO 200 R is a popular consideration. This line is fully IvD (in-vitro diagnostics) certified – a distinct advantage in the high speed centrifuge market. . The units include rotors for micro tubes and PCR strips. The 24-place angle rotor for max 2 ml microliter tubes and the angle rotor for 4 x 8-tubes PCR strips are designed to spin both microliter (1.5 / 2 ml) tubes as well as PCR strips in a separate rotor with fast cooling and accelerations for added efficiency.

Cell Culture

Hettich have bundled rotors for conical (15/50 ml) tubes and micro plates which can be used in the compact UNIVERSAL 320 R allowing for multiple applications with temperature control in a small footprint, and for labs with higher throughput needs, the ROTINA 420 R allows for a wide range of containers to be spun, all using a single swing-out rotor for fast transition between applications. The proven solution for high throughput cell culture applications, this package offers accessories for spinning up to 52 x 15 ml conical tubes (or up to 20 x 50ml tubes). Certified aerosol sealed bio-containment lids are included for added user safety. Additional buckets for standard SBS microplates allow for easy transition between applications with very little effort.. With the diverse needs of the cell culture laboratory in mind, this package combines an efficient 8 place swing out rotor for 15 and 50 ml conical tubes as well as a 2-place rotor for spinning standard SBS microplates.


This package includes the Hettich EBA 280 with specially designed swing-out rotors for serology and standard blood tubes. The quick release rotors make for an easy transition between applications and are a vital tool any blood bank. A key part of any blood bank or transfusion laboratory, the EBA 280 Serology bundle features a 12-place rotor for standard serology tubes (12 x 75 mm.) Additionally, a 6-place swing out rotor for standard blood tubes is included. The quick-release rotors allow for users to switch easily between applications without the need for additional equipment. IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) certification makes this unit fully compliant for use in clinical settings.


Hettich is offering a new and economical cytology application package by combining the popular ROTOFIX 32 A centrifuge and 1515-A rotor that includes a 12-place cytology rotor (with clips) and TÜV certified bio-sealed lid as well as the IVD (in-vitro diagnostics) certified, and the versatile UNIVERSAL 320 centrifuge. This is able to accommodate the most common style of cytology funnels and clips, including those from Shandon™ in a small, compact and versatile tabletop unit.