German company Hettich was honoured at a ceremony Landes-In­novationspreis in Stuttgart when Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) awarded the company for the creation of the ZentriMix 380 R dual centrifuge.

In the award state­ment: “… this versatile laboratory instrument can be used particularly in the production of nanoparticles in the medical and technical field, as well as mixing difficult components and for extraction in analytical sample preparation. The sample vessels are additionally rotated about their own axis during the centrifugation, whereby the direction of the strong centrifugal acceleration in the sample vessel changes very rapidly. This process is similar to a shaking process, however, the achievable accelerations of the sample material are up to 100 times stronger than previously known laboratory shakers. This will enable new applications in drug manufacturing, food control or biomedical research.”

Fields of application

  • QuEChERS-Method used in analysis of residues in food and feed.
  • Mixing heavily miscible components e.g. highly viscous substances from a few ml up to 200ml
  • Homogenization e.g. preparing nano particles (liposomes etc.)
  • Milling and Nano-milling
  • Speeding up and enhanced efficiency of most mixing processes.
  • Processes can be done very gentle because of the cooling option.

What‘s QuEChERS?

The acronym “QuEChERS“ is for „Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Save“.

“QuEChERS“ has established its name in the food analysis industry or food controls respectively. It’s a frequently used method, allowing the extraction of more than 800 different pesticides out of mater diluted food samples.

Benefits of using ZentriMix QuEChERS

  • QuEChERS-application in the ZentriMix takes around 24 minutes per cycle, compared to around 60 minutes for the conventional QuEChERS-method
  • Utilize efficient nano-milling in 90 minutes instead of 7 hours per cycle.
  • Simplify your upscaling due to identical and validated nano-milling results
  • Execute milling / nano-milling without wasting time for any cleaning!
  • Easy and cheap storage of retained samples by using standard-containers/vials for its making and storage!
  • Utilize the above application with a simple and very fast installation.
  • Enable gentle mixing and milling of sensitive materials due to included automated cooling.
  • Enable sterile mixing and milling or both under protective gas.