Freshtake Lab Solvent Recyclers Roll Out

19 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler

CBG Biotech is rolling out its updated 9 liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler, based on its predecessor, the 10 Liter Benchtop Supreme Solvent Recycler.  The most notable change is the upgraded touchscreen controller that is incorporated in all of the new Freshtake models.  The graphical interface and increased information being made available to customers greatly enhance the user experience and ease of operation.

Doors are now installed for both the fill station and the recovery stations, which serve not only to conceal and protect spigots and reduce the chance of spillage from the carboys, but also improve the overall look of the unit.  Customers have the option to easily remove the doors if they choose to do so.  Responding to customer suggestions, the 9 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler has the processing tank waste drain easily accessible to the user in the front of the Recycler.  The waste container itself has been replaced by a new heat-resistant and reusable waste bag that is placed in a removable spill containment tray.  The waste bag is easily connected to the waste drain and is firmly sealed – so there are no solvent odors from the waste drain or the waste bag contents!  And, the spill containment tray has two handles for easy transport of the waste bag from the Recycler to the customer’s waste container for hazardous wastes.

CBG’s 19 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler is an update to its longstanding 20 Liter Cart-Mounted Solvent Recycler.  Like the other Freshtake models, it incorporates the upgraded touchscreen controller for an enhanced user experience and ease of operation.  Consistent with the 9 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler, the 19 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler has removable doors that are installed for the fill station and the recovery station, as well as the waste stations.  The doors serve to reduce the chance of spillage from the carboys in these stations, but there also is enhanced spill containment built into the unit design.  The overall design has been changed to frontload all of the user activities and optimise space usage, while greatly decreasing the height of the Recycler and the overall footprint required for operation in the laboratory.  There now are separate stations for Recycled Alcohol and Ethanol Waste.  Recycled solvents are at an easy height from which to dispense directly from the Recycler, if the customer so chooses.  The waste containers at the bottom level are on sliding trays for easy access and removal from the Recycler.

CBG plans to introduce its 38 Liter Freshtake Solvent Recycler and its 19 Liter Freshtake FormaSolve Recycler to complete the update of its principal Laboratory Solvent Recyclers.