Explosive & Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pumps for Labs – New pump head material for selected KNF LABOPORT® FT pumps

KNF has optimised some of their pump heads, the inner and wetted area to transfer explosive atmospheres. LABOPORT® FT pumps equipped in this way are suitable for transferring gases, vapours or mists that create conditions in which the occasional formation of an explosive atmosphere is likely.


These ATEX-compliant vacuum pumps apply to ATEX II 2G IIB+H2 T3X internal atmosphere. The chemically resistant LABOPORT® pump models N 810.3 FT.18, N 820.3 FT.18 and N 840.3 FT.18 can be used in rotary evaporation, filtration, degassing, gel drying, vacuum concentration and liquid aspiration by a vacuum.


KNF has changed the material used on the pump heads to TFMTMPTFE. This dense polymer structure with few voids provides the basis for very robust performance during variations in load and temperature. In addition, the material forms a smooth surface structure, which increases the chemical resistance.