Expanding Labotec’s range of local ovens & incubators

Labotec industrial oven 2000 litre

High quality materials, reliability and ease-of-use are key factors you will find in the range of locally manufactured ovens and incubators from Labotec. Widely used for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications in Southern Africa over the last 32 years, the range has expanded, enabling you to make the most cost effective choice, with the exact accuracy and temperature uniformity you require. The latest edition is the up-sized 2000Lt industrial drying oven, which means three size options to choose from ; 700Lt, 1400Lt and 2000Lt.

Labotec EcoTherm Ovens and IncoTherm Incubators
Labotec’s EcoTherm ovens will operate in the temperature range of ambient +10°C to 250°C with a choice of 5 different capacities, ideal for drying processes, ageing, curing and general investigations. The Labotec IncoTherm incubators are ideal for use in microbiology and related fields, will operate at temperatures ambient +10°C to 110°C also with a choice of 5 capacities.

All Labotec ovens are supplied with a forced draught airflow system. They utilise a maintenance-free fan and motor with homogenous temperature distribution and faster drying times that contributes to their sought after benefits translating into good value for money.

Labotec IncoShake
The IncoShake range consists of three models; the Shaking incubator (model 353), a Low Temperature Shaking incubator (model 355) and Orbital Shaking Incubator (model 260). Depending on the model, the temperature ranges from 0 – 60ºC. The units all feature microprocessor speed control and digital indicating of speed with an easy to use setting knob and 120 minute timer with infinity setting. The Orbital Shaking Incubator is fitted with an 8kg shaking platform, adjustable between 10 – 200rpm.

Labotec IncoCool
This Low Temperature Incubator has a temperature range from 0ºC to 60ºC, microprocessor speed control with digital indicating of speed and 120 timer with infinity setting. There are two models to choose from; 400 litre (model 356) and 150 litre (model 354), and both have an automatic defrost function.