Exeeding Conventional Water Bath Technology – New Pura From Julabo

Julabo is entering a new era of water baths. PURA, a water bath series just launched, combines state-of-the-art technologies, most innovative functionality, and a beautiful modern design. Handling and operation is intuitive and flexible – making your routine lab tasks easy and straightforward in the working temperature range from +25 °C to +99.9 °C and filling volumes from 4.8 to 30 L at a temperature stability of ± 0.2 °C
All PURA water baths have an integrated drain tap. Operating the water bath is very straightforward and the bright, white LED display is easy to read, even from a distance. USB data communication is a standard feature. Enameled surfaces provide optimal hygienic protection because bacteria and other microorganisms are unable to breed in the water bath. Biofilm never has a chance to get a foothold. Dirt does not adhere to the surfaces, so cleaning the water baths is very easy.
Some of the highlights of this series include:

  • PURA water baths require a minimum amount of water so that even small sample containers stand safely. There are no disturbing parts inside the bath.
  • The enamel surface is as hard as glass, scratchproof and extremely durable. Contaminants won’t stick to the glassy surface inside the water baths.
  • You’ll never have space problems again. Experience the largest bath volume to outer dimension ratio.
  • Thanks to its built-in drain tap, no tools are needed to drain the water bath.
  • Internal timer function and USB data port.