ELGA LabWater, have a unique water system that not only delivers all three types of labwater for every application in the laboratory, but is able to produce this water directly from a tap water input.  This makes it the most compact, easy to operate and economical water system available.

The PURELAB Quest delivers Type I, II and III water for the widest range of lab applications.  In its development, the PURELAB Quest was tested through 150,000 cycles of dispensing. That is equivalent to over 20 years of lab use, and as research and development is at the heart of ELGA, their global network of engineers and scientists were dedicated to produce the desired lab water needed within seconds with fast flow rate, using multiple quality sensors, and allow for simple maintenance.  Quest can be used for:

  • Type I, or Ultrapure Water (18.2 MΩ-cm) for analytical applications such as HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), cell culture, tissue culture or molecular biology techniques.
  • Type I I – Pure Water for applications including general reagent preparation, buffers, pH solutions, histology and general chemistry.
  • Type I I IRO – permeate water for glassware rinsing, water baths, autoclaves, hydroponics and as feed water to Type 1 systems.

Water is delivered at 1.2 litres a minute, and the system enables volumetric dispensing, which means researchers can multi-task rather than wait for the water to dispense.  Volumetric control is available from 100ml to 7 litres.

The PURELAB Quest is highly compact, intuitive to use, easy to install, uses reclaimed materials in the manufacture and offers remote monitoring through AQUAVISTA™, Veolia’s cloud-based digital solution.  With multiple purity sensors, inbuilt periodic re-circulation PURELAB Quest provides lab water that is beyond question for research labs world-wide.  Mope Alo, Product Manager at ELGA LabWater, commented: “The PURELAB Quest produces all types of laboratory water directly from a tap water input. It has been highly tested, uses proven designs and offers unrivalled value and reliability. Researchers have fed back that it is intuitive, effortless and ingenious.”

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