Elga Chorus: New Range Innovative Water Purification Systems

Elga Labwater Chorus water purification lab system

ELGA LabWater, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company launches PURELAB Chorus a range of water purification solutions delivering ultimate flexibility and industrial design with a selection of dispense and storage options as well as multiple installation choices. “We believe PURELAB Chorus reflects our customers desire be in control of how they work, their choice if you like together with our innovation gained over the last 75 years” Nora IKENE, Managing Director of ELGA LabWater.

The PURELAB® Chorus solutions delivers water purity from general laboratory grade Type III to ultrapure 18.2MΩ-cm (Type I+/I) water and incorporating the advanced PureSure® deionization system which guarantees water purity and maximises cartridge life. The PURELAB Chorus offers a fully configurable solution to suit the vast range of applications in today’s modern laboratory. Impurities such as RNase, DNase and bacteria for Life Science, Trace Ions such as Silica and Boron for Analytical Research and Inorganic and Organics for General Science can all be efficiently removed.
PURELAB Chorus lets customers select the right purification technologies needed to remove the impurities they need to. Removing impurities is only part of the choice the customer has with the PURELAB Chorus solution.

PURELAB Chorus is modular and can be configured to fit any laboratory or work space. Customer can choose from stackable, bench top, wall mounted or under bench options or locate their Halo dispense units up to four meters from the purification unit. PURELAB® Chorus comes with 15, 30, 60 and 100 litre storage reservoir options with unique display of stored purified water. The space saving design provides a base for the water purification system resulting in one integral, compact unit. By combining up to four Halo dispense units in a series this delivers ultimate flexibility in how and where pure water is dispensed and gives the option to have different water purity dispensed from a single solution. PURELAB Chorus conforms to international water standards e.g. ISO 3696.

“PURELAB Chorus marks a significant investment by ELGA in Engineering & R&D at a time when we see some manufacturers reducing or withdrawing development and support” quotes Mat HAMMOND, Global Sales & Marketing Director, ELGA LabWater.