Coal Ash Fusibility – Automatic Multiple Testing At Any One Time

Coal Ash Fusibility – Automatic Multiple Testing At Any One Time

The first appearance of the new Carbolite CAF G5 Ash Fusibility furnace was made at Achema in Germany in June this year, and is now available locally through Labotec, their local agents.  The CAF G5 enhances all its original features to determine sintering, melting and flow temperatures of the ash fusibility of coal, biomass and solid recovered fuels, and has the added advantage of automated image analysis, increased camera resolution and zoom facility to greatly improve the quality of test results.

A large diameter work tube ensures that only one unit is required to test more than six test pieces at any one time. Heating and cooling rates allow up to three tests per day that can be completed.  The new software offers the choice of automatic or manual analysis of samples.  The automatic version identifies the four melt point profiles as determined in the coal ash, biomass and SRF standards and creates graphical data of the form factors such as height, width, shape etc.  The user can decide which of these form factors they want displayed on the graph, and the software automatically stores the deformation points that can be printed out.

The maximum temperatures of 1600°C enables both biomass and coal testing.

Some standard features include :

  • NEW! Analysis software which can be used in fully automatic or manual modes
  • NEW! Software zoom function to enable accurate post-test analysis of individual samples with improved resolution
  • NEW! One configurable grid assigned to each test piece
  • NEW! Temperature controller program set up within the software
  • NEW! Space saving embedded computer with Windows 7 Embedded Professional software runs future proof firmware
  • NEW! Default software settings and individual analysis form for coal ash, biomass and SRF
  • NEW! An optional work tube integrated lighting system when testing low ‘initial deformation’ temperature of biomass or SRF samples
  • Lightweight insulation allows quick cooling permitting multiple tests to be completed during the day
  • Automated digital image capture of samples. The frequency of images recorded is set by customer preference, from every 1 °C increment to every 20 °C