INTEGRA offers innovative 10 ml, 25 ml and 100 ml multichannel reagent reservoirs and 150 ml and 300 ml automation friendly reagent reservoirs. Both styles of Clear Advantage™ reservoirs are designed to nest inside each other, making it possible to get twice as many reservoirs in half the space, when compared to other products on the market, reducing inventory space requirements and shipping costs.

Unlike traditional reservoirs that have hard to see graduations moulded directly into the plastic, Clear Advantage™ reservoirs are made of crystal clear 100% virgin polystyrene and fit into a reusable base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings. The unique design leads to more accurate reagent measurements, no over pouring, and less waste.

Both multichannel- and automation friendly reagent reservoirs share many of the same features such as clear graduations, reusable bases, pour back spouts and minimal dead volumes. Both styles of reservoirs also have specific innovations; the automatic version offers features such as dual viewing windows, latching lids with a gasket for spillage prevention and an anti-sealing pattern to prevent the pipette tips from seal off.

INTEGRA also offers automation friendly polypropylene reagent reservoirs which provides improved chemical compatibility and also permits autoclaving. These reservoir options include a 300 ml open-well reservoir with 96 pyramid shaped indentations, a 12-column- and an 8-row reservoir. These reservoirs also offer exceptionally low dead volumes; the 300 ml open-well reservoir only yields a dead volume of 9.7 ml, the 12-column reservoir has a dead volume of 219 μl per column and the 8-row reservoir retains a dead volume of 354 μl per row.