Buchi’s Kjeldahl Innovation Offers Compliance without Exceptions

The highly regulated environment of quality control in food & beverage production requires authoritative qualifications, compliant titration techniques and traceable data management. The latest BUCHI innovation, the KjelMaster K-375 automatic distillation unit for nitrogen and protein determination, puts customers in the unique position of applying either potentiometric or colorimetric titration techniques.

For traditional, official methods, a colorimetric measurement is required due to historical reasons. Changing between the two techniques is now easily achieved by “plug-and-measure” with no additional modifications needed to the instrument or the integrated titrator. Laboratories using the new distillation units no longer need to look for alternative Kjeldahl instruments in case their needs or regulatory requirements change. Results are automatically stored on the embedded PC so that data traceability is guaranteed over many months or even years. Unauthorized access to process parameters or data manipulation is prevented by multiple access levels. Archiving data on LIMS is straight forward and comprehensive. Moreover, the optional KjelLink PC software facilitates not only sophisticated data handling, but also displays the status of operation on an external PC, thus taking on site supervision to the lowest possible level.