Buchi Labortechnik AG Buys Flash Chromatography & ELSD Product Lines From Grace

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, exclusively supported locally by Labotec, has entered into an agreement to buy the flash chromatography and ELSD product lines from Grace Discovery Sciences. The transaction has been approved by the board of directors of Grace and BUCHI and was closed with immediate effect.

As such the Reveleris® Flash Chromatography Systems, GraceResolv™ and Alltech® ELSD 3300 brands of products will now be offered globally by BUCHI, and supported locally by Labotec in customer service, sales and technical after-sales services.

With Grace, a trusted manufacturer of chromatography resins for over 80 years, Büchi found a partner that shared values and innovation, customer service, and development of highest quality products. The agreement has enabled them to offer our chromatography customers a proven solution meeting the high expectations of their customers.

Furthermore, the acquisition fits perfectly into the strategy of the BUCHI Group and meets the high criteria they defined for such transactions. “We do see tremendous potential in the market for chromatography and we are convinced that this settlement will provide an optimal platform”.  This underlines BUCHI’s approach to invest into preparative chromatography and complete their portfolio for drug discovery and development.

Reveleris® Flash Chromatography system, GraceResolv™ and Alltech® ELSD 3300 brands of products are developed and produced in Deerfield/IL. The site will be retained and 20 employees of Grace will be acquired by BUCHI to become an integral part of the worldwide operating group.