Air Quality in your Lab – Smart Way to Knowing What you Breathe

Erlab Halo sense lab air quality sensor. Be informed about the air you breathe in the lab.

Halo Sense is an air quality sensor developed by Erlab to inform you of the quality of air you breathe on a continual basis in your lab.  A large spectrum of chemical vapours are covered by Halo Sense. Three versions are available for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Acids & Formaldehyde.


The system works through Smart technology via your computer or cell phone, once the eGaurd App is downloaded. When chemical vapours are detected, a soft band of LED light blinks and emits a beeping noise on the Halo to let you know the air is polluted. The App will also let you know that the air is polluted with solvents, acids or formaldehyde, and you can receive the detection alarms wherever you are.  In this way, any pollution problems are revealed immediately, making life in the lab simple and safer.