KimCote – Added Safety with Plastic Coated Glassware

KimCote Kimble Chase - Added Safety with Plastic Coated Glassware

KimCote protective glassware from Kimble Chase is the ideal choice should you need extremely durable glassware that can reduce the hazards of shattered glass and any toxic leakage. The KimCote range has plastic coating on the glassware to prevent and contain any spills in broken glassware with the advantage of an ultra-clear coating for easy viewing and a non-slip surface for easier handling wet or dry.

Bottles, cylinders, flasks, funnels, tissue grinders, heavy-duty beakers and flasks, tubes, atmospheric environmental bottles are all available in the range with the plastic coating. These items can be used anywhere you want to increase safety such as for chemical storage (resistant to many common lab chemicals), transportation of samples, handling of hazardous chemicals and pressurized glassware. Other features of KimCote is its ultra-clear view of contents and that the glassware is steam autoclavable for easy cleaning and sterilising.