A Giant Leap in Vacuum Performance

The new TURBOVAC (T) 350-450 i turbomolecular pump from Oerlikon Leybold

It has never been so easy to improve your processes until now. The new TURBOVAC (T) 350-450 i turbomolecular pump from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum will allow you to optimise pump down times and consistently hit your target in terms of pressures and gas flows. Designed to offer the best performance/size ratio in the ISO 100 and 160 size range, they feature a cutting edge rotor and drag stage design resulting in high performance and unparalleled pumping speed, especially for light gases. These pumps have diverse applications in analytical technology fields, research and development, life sciences and industrial and coating applications.

Not only does the flexibility of the rotor and drag stage design offer benchmark performance, it also ensures that the performance of your pump is perfectly adapted to your specific application. In addition, you can also choose between different electronic control options, various housing and flange configurations as well as a wide range of accessories such as a rotatable fore-vacuum flange connection, an integrated electronic drive with 24/48V DC supply and an operator interface with USB, RS485 and digital I/O connections.. The unique maintenance and oil free hybrid bearing system will boost your productivity and reduce cost of ownership. The result: a vacuum system operation which is more efficient than ever!

The advantages at a glance :
Price & Performance: Best performance for your investment
Flexible & Fast: High level of product flexibility – a perfect match for your application requirements
Plug & Play: Simple and easy installation, operation and control thanks to flexible product design, integrated electronics and wide range of communication interfaces
Fit & Forget: Superior reliability due to an innovative pump and bearing design which offers the only maintenance and oil free hybrid bearing pump in the market