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GE Healthcare Logiq V1/V2 Ultrasound System

When portability and easy scanning are key, the LOGIQ™ V2 fits right in. If you’re looking for a system that can quickly move from room to room, and that can help you get images quickly,the LOGIQ™ V2 is designed with users like you in mind – simple and easy to use without compromising on image quality. From auto-optimization to Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeam™ , the LOGIQ™ V2 workflow aims to help users get a great image easily.

Features of the GE Logiq V1 or V2 ultrasound system:

• Productivity – with Auto-Optimization allowing the user to quickly adjust image quality with the touch of a button
• Portability – Whether on the cart or carried by the handle, the system goes where you need it to without having to power down
• Image quality – Great image quality is easy to achieve: – High resolution even at deep penetration with Coded Harmonic Imaging.t image quality is easy to achieve: – Reduce noise while enhancing true tissue detail with Real Time Speckle Reduction Imaging – Enhance your ability to visualize tissue interfaces and differentiate borders with CrossXBeam.™
• Ease of use – simplified system with an easy workflow so you can get a good image quickly and easily
• Auto Optimization – Optimize B-Mode image to help improve contrast resolution using
• Auto Spectral Optimization – (ASO) helps baseline, invert, optimize velocity scale (on live image) and angle correction.
• Auto IMT – Automate measurement of intima-media thickness for fast carotid exams
• Needle Recognition
• Onboard help – Interactive access to tutorials on settings, operation, connectivity, and maintenance, plus a link to the user manual for more details.
• Scan Assistant helps to reduce keystrokes by as much as 22% thus keeping imaging protocols at your fingertips.
• LOGIQ View gives you real-time representation of long anatomical structures that might not be seen in a single image.

GE Healthcare Vscan with Dual Probe Pocket-sized Ultrasound

GE Healthcare’s innovative pocket-sized Vscan ultrasound features the first of its kind dual probe that houses two transducers in one probe. The Vscan with Dual Probe transforms physical exams that help enable efficient triage, fast workflow, and deepens patient connection. This intuitive device provides a non-invasive look inside the body, with both shallow and deep views, that helps speed diagnostic decisions for a wide range of clinical applications.

With diagnostic information in the palm of your hand, this system may help you:

Greater clinical confidence, with immediate visual validation of what you feel and hear
Reduce patient wait times for clinical information to guide appropriate course of care
Support efficient workflow across your health system for time and cost savings
• Precise – Vscan with Dual Probe may help fill in the diagnostic gaps when you don’t have the full story.
• Small and lightweight – Vscan with Dual Probe can travel with you-from patient to patient-within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.
• Easy to use – Flip the top and it starts up. With its one-hand user interface and presets for common applications, Vscan with Dual Probe imaging slips easily into your patient care routine.
• Reliable – Count on Vscan with Dual Probe throughout your busy day-a single charge provides up to one hour of continuous scanning. Easy-to-swap batteries can extend operation all day long.
• Trusted – Vscan with Dual Probe adds clinical value and can help support excellent patient care.
• Clear picture. Pocket-sized ultrasound devices offer clinical and economic value.
• Clinical Applications
– Applications with deep end:
• Heart, Abdominal, Pelvis – Applications with shallow end:
• Lungs, Lines (Vascular), Legs, Long bones
– Procedures enabled with Dual Probe:

GE Healthcare Versana Essential Ultrasound System

GE designed the Versana Essential™ to provide easy to use, world-class ultrasound without sacrificing the quality, reliability and affordability you need. The patients who rely on you for their everyday care deserve your best. We understand that the demands of your practice are unique and you want to raise the standard of care you deliver with world-class ultrasound.


• Simplify your workflow
• Empower your clinical efficiency
• Suit your daily practice
• Meet your evolving needs
• Help you scan with confidence right from the start
• Obstetrics
• Gynaecology
• Musculoskeletal
• Cardiology
• Abdomen
• Small Parts
• Whizz – one-touch, dynamic image optimization
• Scan Assistant – Basic and advanced protocols for obstetric, gynaecological and abdominal scans
• Scan Coach – Real-time reference information to help locate the correct scan plane.
• My Trainer – Product training modules with tips and information to configure the system and maximize workflow
• SonoBiometry – Automated fetal measurements
• Auto IMT – Automates measurement of IMT rather than measuring the IMT manually
• Sensitive, high-quality color Doppler – enabling you to enhance your diagnostic confidence

GE Healthcare Logiq V5 Expert Ultrasound System

LOGIQ™ V5 supports you with automated calculations, onboard clinical information, and time-saving workflow tools, making advanced ultrasound technology simple, affordable, and accessible for healthcare providers. Simplicity and guidance go hand in hand. Your commitment to patients and the utility of ultrasound imaging go hand in hand in building a healthier world.

LOGIQ™ V5 offers advanced imaging features that can help enhance your diagnostic confidence by delivering clear, high-quality images. Its slim design allows you to use it even where you have limited scan room space. Designed for user comfort and efficiency:

• Large 15” LCD screen with 4-way tilting
• 3 conveniently placed probe holders
• 2 active ports and 1 parking port
• Lightweight and easy to transport
• Remarkable image quality
• Customizable IQ parameters
• Simplified Workflow
• SonoBiometry
• Auto IMT
• TruScan™ Architecture (GE Raw Data) allows flexibility to readjust a large set of imaging parameters and re-measure images any time after you have set, frozen or even archived the images
• Scan Assist – Provides a protocol checklist for key exams. Helps simplify and standardize workflow
• Scan Coach – Advanced and basic protocols across obstetric, gynecological and abdominal apps
• MLA4 Technology increases frame rate
• Real-Time Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) eliminates noise while enhancing true tissue architecture.
• CrossXBeamTM imaging enhances tissue interfaces and border differentiation with compound imaging technology.
• Raw data imaging (TruScanTM Architecture) gives you the flexibility to optimize your images or cine loops after you have acquired or even archived them.
• Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) lets you assess heart function with myocardial Doppler Imaging with color overlay on tissue image
• Easy 3D Technology visualizes volumetric data sets.
• In addition, LOGIQ V5 offers features such as:
* LOGIQ View,
* Tissue Harmonics,
* Coded Harmonics,
* Pulse Wave and
* Power Doppler.