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The emergence of the new virus SARS-CoV-2 and resulting illness referred to as COVID-19 has placed an incredible workload on people and laboratories testing patient samples.

We have compiled an easy reference guide on how we can assist you to speed up your testing, protect sample integrity, perform repeatable diagnostics and advance research. In addition, Labotec have sourced a range of frontline medical supplies. All equipment is available in stock or on priority listing.


Sample Protection & Preparation

Automated PCR Testing For COVID-19 With Assist Plus

INTEGRA have developed the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to streamline routine pipetting tasks at an affordable price.

Integra’s partner BioTools deployed an ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot in a molecular diagnostics lab in Brisbane. Read this article to learn how they use it to accelerate COVID-19 testing of patient samples.

Suitable Water Systems

Elga has just launched Quest, the only purifier on the market that dispenses all 3 types of science ready water (Type I, II & III) from a compact, economical and easy to use system using a tap water input.

Elga Purelab Flex is also popular among labs testing for COVID-19 in Europe.

General Lab Local

For all your basic essentials, Labotec Eco-Range is locally manufactured with 32 ranges to choose from.


The Thermo Scientific™ FORMA 160i CO2 incubator with the Thermo Scientific™ Cell Locker™ system is an innovative solution of removable, protected chambers designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures.

Captair Bio Smart  PCR Workstations for complete protection of your RNA and DNA amplifications when performing any PCR work. (When working with a patients’ sample use a BSC Class II/III).

Long Term storage of all COVID-19 specimen types must be done at temperatures below -70ºC as specified by the WHO and CDC in recent publications. Thermo Scientific™ provides a complete range of -86ºC Ultra Low Temperature Freezers.

The Hettich Micro 185 is powerful at the micro level, has a maintenance free motor, achieves high RCF values and maintains steady temperature control for best sample results.

The Labotec Labocool fridges have an operating range from +1 to 8°C. Ideal for general storage, reagents and kits, whole blood chromatography apparatus, test samples, biological and culture media, vaccines and more.

When you need to increase sample storage capacity due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Thermo Scientific FDE / TSX series, support sample protection and sustainability objectives for the storage of clinical and laboratory-grade storage requiring -30°C.

Light Cycler For Single & Multiplex Real Time Pcr Assays

The abCyclerQ from AIT Biotech is a six channel (5 fluorescence colours and 1 FRET channel) for real-time PCR. This combination of optical technology (7 seconds for optical scanning) and precise temperature control (1-100°C) ensures reliable detection for both single and multiplex real-time PCR assays.


Liquid Handling

Watch this video to learn how the VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipette can supercharge your throughput for viral nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up in 96 or 384 well plates, without requiring long training and set-up times.

Save hours of pipetting. See how the Dallas Testing lab for COVID-19 is using the Integra VOYAGER to process their test kits (at 1:15 mark)

Quick set dials and best-in-class tips ensure pipetting tasks get completed quickly and accurately with the INTEGRA Evolve manual pipettes.


Making COVID-19 ELISA testing safer and easier with convenient buffer removal


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the development of a number of novel RT-PCR based tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in patients.



Efficient filling of tubes with viral transport medium to support COVID-19 testing


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a strain on resources in a number of areas, including laboratory testing.



Competition: Win One Of 20 VACUSAFE Aspiration Systems!


All you need to do for your chance to win a VACUSAFE aspiration system is to fill out the questionnaire on Integra’s website.


Frontline Medical Supplies


Labotec supplies a range of masks. Choose from the disposable 3-layer masks, Medical disposable LB3PLY-CE, Medical ear loop masks Type IIR, KN95 approved CE and FDA, and KN95FFP2 Masks CE approved. In addition, Labotec’s 3-layer locally manufactured masks in the “Get 2 Free Labotec Masks For Any Winter Special Order Placed” giveaway has been so popular, that clients have asked if they can purchase them, so we decided to also offer them for sale at R45 each.



There are two options ; PE Gown water resistant level 3, and Sterile isolation gowns L-1 non-surgical fluid resistant 2 layer.


Latex and Nitrile gloves both CE FDA approved.



CE approved thermometers


Foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser stand

In a COVID-19 world, it is essential to offer hand sanitiser for your shoppers, clients, employees, staff or students at all entrances.

This allows a non-contact dispensing solution for hand sanitisers.

Enviroclean Waterless Hand Sanitizer or Gel

Available in 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5L and 25L

70% alcohol content

Clear blue liquid for effective sanitizing of hands.

Prices Slashed!!

3 Layer Mask Medical disposable LB3PLY-CE

Thermometers: In-stock. No minimum orders.