Upcycle your R-200/205 to a new R-300!

Update your system and recycle your glassware

Upcycle your system!

It is the perfect time to upgrade your current Rotavapor® to an R-300!

Your Rotavapor® is still working and you don’t want to waste it?
Don’t worry, you can recycle your current glassware, pump and vacuum controller!

R-300 will offer you:
  • More convenient: meet the new durable vacuum seal generation and multi-functional Combi-Clip
  • More flexibility: our modular approach will fit your needs – tell us what you need
  • More possibility: diversity of accessories can make any application possible
Experience maximum convenience by adding BUCHI Interface controller:
  • Central control: all parameters including vacuum and chiller settings in one single place
  • ECO and Dry Mode, Solvent Library and dynamic distillation: you have many options to choose from
  • App based off-site monitoring optimizes the time-efficiency of the process

Don’t miss your chance! Contact us, we will check your current Rotavapor® and we can consult you on the best solution for you!