Bridge Between Flash Chromatography & Preparative HPLC with Buchi Prepchrome

Bridge Between Flash Chromatography & Preparative HPLC with Buchi Prepchrome

BUCHI introduces the innovative PrepChrom C-700 chromatography system, combining flash chromatography with preparative HPLC. Bridging the gap between them, the C-700 sets a new standard for purification of synthesis mixtures or complex natural extracts. Any type of sample can now be completely purified on one single system: a first flash separation allows collecting fractions which can then be further injected on an HPLC column to isolate the target compounds at a high purity.

Efficient and cost-effective purifications can be performed on preparative HPLC columns with a diameter up to 50 mm filled with silica having a particle size down to 10 μm. The separations can be efficiently optimized using the high performance pumping system. It features a true quaternary gradient functionality and delivers accurate flow rates up to 250 mL/min at a pressure up to 100 bar (1450 psi).

The integrated UV detector (200 to 600 nm) provides diode array functionalities for a selective fraction collection. For non-UV absorbing compounds, the control of the optional ELSD offers a universal detection in an easy and affordable way.

The space saving and easy to use system allows organic chemists to perform the complete purification process, using the interactive user interface specially designed for these applications. Using the intuitive software, it is possible to run the system either unattended or with a powerful in-run interaction for a fast optimization of the separation.

Combining high-end hardware technology together with the software designed for easy purification, the PrepChrom C-700 is the ideal solution to solve the purification bottleneck in the research of new active compounds.