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and get up to three items for free!

There has never been a better time to upgrade to a new modern distillation system. We will replace any distillation unit, regardless the manufacturer or age, with a cutting-edge instrument with advanced features for added convenience and improved performance. Take advantage of our trade-in offer and receive:

    • Customizable distillation unit with up to 48 configurations to match your needs
    • Specialized instruments either for Kjeldahl or distillation applications
    • Free items of your choice including:

1. OnLevel Sensor – automatically stops distillation reaction to increase your reproducibility
2. StatusLight – monitor the state of your system from afar and react quickly as needed
3. Reaction Detection Sensor – save up to 30% of NaOH reagent
4. Tank Level Sensor – alert if tank is empty or overflowing to avoid mess or measurement loss
5. Kjeldahl Tablets – as catalysts to speed up your reaction
6. 20 Sample tubes – of highest glass quality

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