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May – August 2018

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Type I, II & III Water Purification Systems

Delivering the ultimate in water purity with the Purelab Chorus for absolute confidence in your results.

Chorus I features:

  • Advanced PureSure Deionization
  • Fully Recirculating with real-time TOC Monitoring
  • Integrated Ultrafiltration or Microfiltration
  • Full Spectrum UV Treatment
  • Cartridge Identification (CID) Technology
  • Full Spectrum UV Treatment
  • Choose from 3 Halo Dispensing Options

10% Off (Valid till August 2018)

Rugged Benchtop Centrifuges

The versatile, solid construction of Hettich Rotofix 32A centrifuge guarantees years of reliable service and safe operation.


  • Max. capacity in a swing-out rotor: 4 x 100ml; in an angle rotor:6 x 85 ml
  • Max. speed (RPM) : 6,000 / Max. RCF: 4,226
  • Lid locking, holding and emergency release
  • Imbalance switch off
  • Automatic rotor recognition
  • Metal casing and lid
  • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
  • Ergonomic operating and information panel

10% Off on centrifuge & accessories (Valid till August 2018)

Laminated 2” Cryo Box


  • 2inch Height with 81-well cell divider
  • Laminated / Plastic coated
  • White colour for storage in -196°C to 121°C temperature range

R24 each (Valid till August 2018)

The Labotec Precision Balance Series

Accurate, Repeatable & Economical

The Labotec Precision Balance Series offers an economical range for general laboratory weighing with high quality durable modular design for an efficient weighing experience.

5% Off (Valid till August 2018)

Reliable & Fast FT-NIR

The Büchi FT-NIR offers the highest wavelength precision for accurate analytic results with dedicated measuring options for a variety of samples from solids, powders, tablets, granules,
pastes, liquids. Continuous operation and fast results allow rapid process optimisation.


  • Delivers results in seconds for multiple parameters simultaneously
  • No chemicals or solvents
  • User friendly and intuitive handling
  • Direct and effortless transfer of calibrations from instrument to instrument
  • Low cost of ownership (common spare parts are userexchangeable, no periodic instrument re-calibration required)

10% Off (Valid till August 2018)

OPTIONAL EXTRA : FT-NIR and pre-calibrated applications for Feed / Confectionary / Dairy / Meat & Seafood / Milling & Bakery / Oils & Fats.

Powerful Homogenizers

The MICCRA-Series disperses, homogenizes, emulsifies, suspends, cuts up and disrupts sample materials of nearly all kinds, based on the rotorstator principle, but with higher

Modular construction allows flexible and multiple combination for different drives, shafts and dispersing accessories, tailored to individual requirements.

10% Off (Valid till August 2018)

BIO PCR Workstations

Save your time…while saving your RNA or DNA samples!!

The CaptiarBio PCR workstation features a HEPA H14 filter and a UV light with a timer that provides the proper sterilization to protect your samples from contamination. Raising the sash
automatically shuts off the UV lamp when the front shield is opened.

  • New enclosure design – from 80 cm to 1,8 m
  • Rolling or fixed bench available
  • No ductwork needed
  • Easy to relocate

10% Off (Valid till August 2018)

Pro Sieve Shaker

Analysette 3 SPARTAN / PRO complete with dry sieving head and receiver. Send us your sample and we will perform a sieve analysis and you will receive your individual sieving report.


  • Dry & wet sieving
  • Automatic sieve evaluation with AUTOSIEVE software
  • Fast, reproducible results
  • Simple, ergonomic operation


  • Dry & wet sieving
  • Auto validation of the sieving process
  • Usable as testing equipment in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Automatic amp control

10% Off (Valid till August 2018)

Lets Talk About Saving Tap Water

A water jet pump uses an average 190 000 litres per year if used for 2-3 hours a day. An oil-free diaphragm pump performs the same function better and does not use a drop of water or pollute the environment with solvents!

Swop & Save (Valid till August 2018)

Labotec is offering 33% off a NEW KNF Laboport Diaphragm Vacuum pump for your old water jet pump!! Old for new and an opportunity to save water plus free the environment from solvents.

KNF Laboport N816.3KT18 features:

  • Max. flow rate 16 l/min
  • Vacuum 20 mbar abs
  • Head: PPS / Diaphragm: PTFE coated
  • Valves: FFPM