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February – April 2018

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The Labotec Precision Balance Series
The Labotec Precision Balance Series

NEW The Labotec Precision Balance Series

Accurate, Repeatable & Economical

Analytical Balances – This range offers an electromagnetic force compensation for enhanced resolution with capacities up to 500g and readabilities up to 0.1mg with reliable operation and
fast stabilisation.
Precision Balances – These top loaders offer easy operation with a high precision load cell and capacities up to 10,000g, an excellent stabilising time and a small footprint.
Bench Scales – Ideal for warehouses, factories and laboratories as they offer a larger stainless steel weighing pan and are robustly manufactured for industrial environments with
capacities up to 33kg.
Moisture Analysers – A halogen lamp ensures uniform heating and reliable results with a readability up to 0.001g. Other features include a built-in memory and removable pan handler for easy cleaning.

Less 5% (Valid till April 2018)

Labocool Laboratory Fridges
Labocool Laboratory Fridges

Labocool Laboratory Fridges

  • The Labocool fridges operating range is from +1°C to +8°C
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001
  • Two year warranty
  • Ideally suited for general storage
    Single & double door features:

  • Automatic defrost
  • Magnetic door gasket
  • Plastic coasted adjustable shelves
  • Double tempered glass

Less 10% (Valid till April 2018)

Chemical Storage Cabinets
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Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Chemical Storage Cabinets

  • Sensors to detect Filter Saturation
  • Sensors to detect if the door is left open
  • Large floor standing units as well as convenient under bench or benchtop units for use at the workplace.

Less 10% (Valid till April 2018)

Laminated 2
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Laminated 2″ Cryo Box

  • 2inch Height with 81-well cell divider
  • Laminated / Plastic coated
  • White colour for storage in -196°C to 121°C temperature range

R24 each (Valid till April 2018)

Digital Sensors for Electrochemistry
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Digital Sensors for Electrochemistry

Products of the future, today

WTW Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) offer a smart approach to your electrochemistry measurements:

  • IDS sensors automatically transfer the description, serial number and calibration record to your meter
  • IDS sensors are fully GLP compliant
  • IDS sensors process sensitive signals offering fail-safe and error-free information transfers
  • IDS probes cover almost any application in pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity
  • IDS sensors can be converted to perform wireless measurements – doing away with frustrating cables!

Less 7% (Valid till April 2018)

For PRO Sieving Tasks
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For PRO Sieving Tasks

Analysette 3 SPARTAN complete with dry sieving head and receiver.

Send us your sample and we will perform a sieve analysis and you will receive your individual sieving report.

  • Dry and wet sieving
  • Automatic sieve evaluation with software AUTOSIEVE
  • Fast, reproducible results
  • Simple ergonomic operation

Less 10% (Valid till April 2018)

Hirayama HV Autoclaves For Longevity
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Hirayama HV Autoclaves For Longevity

This popular range of autoclaves (Four options – HV-25, HV-50, HV-85, HV-110) has a 20 year expected lifespan. They come with the safest and most user-friendly features all at the push of a button.

Less 10% (Valid till April 2018)

Laboport Vacuum pumps
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Laboport Vacuum pumps

Non Chemical

  • N86KN18 / N816.3KN45.18
  • Max flow rate 6 & 16 l/min
  • Ultimate vacuum 100 / 15 mbar abs.
  • Head – PPS
  • Diaphragm – EPDM
  • Valves – FPM / EPDM

N810FT18 \ N820FT18 \ N840FT18

  • Max flow rate 10 / 20 and 34 l/min at atm
  • Ultimate vacuum 100 mbar abs
  • Head – Full PTFE
  • Diaphragm – PTFE coated.
  • Valves – FFPM
  • Chemical resistant

Less 20% (Valid till April 2018)