Viaflo Assist

Automated multi-channel pipetting for the best results and unmatched ergonomics.

Viaflo Assist in combination with Viaflo II electronic pipettes automatically perform protocols such as serial dilutions, reagent additions and plate fillings. It sets a new standard for ergonomics in multichannel pipetting and improves the reproducibility of pipetting results


  • Prevents RSI (repetitive strain injuries) and significantly increases the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate fillings and reagent additions
  • Any multichannel Viaflo II pipette can be used with the Viaflo Assist
  • Compatible with 6-well to 384-well plates
  • Communication between Viaflo II pipette and the Viaflo Assist is established via Bluetooth, supporting simple wireless connectivity
  • Lets you switch between essentially manual and optionally automated pipetting tasks on the fly, relieving you of much of the pipetting burden
  • Better pipetting results that are always reproducible and free of errors

For more details please visit the Integra Website

Alternatively download the Viaflo Assist Product Brochure