PG8583CD – Lab washers from Miele Professional

PG8583CD – Lab washers from Miele Professional represent a commercial grade solution for laboratory glassware for analytical experiments. This approach is particularly gentle on materials and is recommended by leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware such as the DURAN Group.

Greater capacity

  • High capacity (e.g. up to 130 injector nozzles in combination with the modules for pipettes and laboratory glassware), achieved through optimised chamber dimensions and a completely redesigned range of load carriers, saves time, storage space and costs.
  • Rear basket docking enables full use of space in load carriers
  • Laboratory glassware turnaround is increased and work is speeded up at peak hours.

Greater purity

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Variable-speed pump for perfect spray pressure in all programme phases
  • Laser technology is used to weld the chamber sections to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish for the ultimate in hygiene.
  • No more heater elements in the wash chamber
  • Multi-stage filtration system is highly efficient in removing particulate soil from water in circulation.
  • Spray pressure and spray arm monitoring detects any loss in pressure as well as load items preventing spray arm rotation
  • Conductivity monitoring ensures required water quality

Greater flexibility

  • A new, modular basket concept offers maximum flexibility and intuitive operation as modules can be used in different combinations and can easily be reconfigured.
  • Wide range of combination options guarantees flexibility in catering for different loads
  • Reduction in number of load carriers needed saves both on investments and storage space
  • In addition to a broad selection of standard programmes, client specific programmes ensure that reprocessing suits the type of soil and the type and quantity of laboratory glassware

Download the Miele Lab Brochure 2016