NX70 CryoStar

Accommodate the needs of both research and clinical laboratories with the the Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar™ NX70.

Accommodate the needs of both research and clinical laboratories with the the Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar™ NX70. The NX70 introduces a form-fitting design, integrated height control and motorized sectioning.


Unparalleled sectioning quality

  • Innovative stable knife carrier feed ensures precise section thickness
  • Rapid Response Temperature Control provides separate knife holder cooling and object cooling to keep cutting area at temperature even during periods of heavy use
  • 3 user-defined protocols available to ensure optimal sectioning consistency
  • Fine adjust specimen orientation on all axes makes specimen alignment fast, accurate and simple
  • Integrated fast-freezing Peltier device with separate cooling element assures a rapid workflow process and reduces energy consumption
  • Optional Vacutome for wrinkle free sections and waste removal

Rapid response temperature control

Precise temperature control is a significant factor in achieving high quality sections. Temperature control is most important at the object holder, the blade holder and at the Cryobar. Limiting active cooling to these key components allows for rapid adjustment and accurate control for optimal sectioning performance.

Innovative design

  • Electronic touch-screen and joystick control of key functions ensures quick and reproducible set-up
  • Integrated LCD display serves as a single reference point to monitor all instrument settings
  • Adjustable LED lighting is integrated into the sliding glass door of cryochamber allowing directional illumination for optimal visibility
  • On Screen ‘Event log’ display with data export function via USB port

Electronic touchscreen and joystick control

Colour LCD touch-screen serves as a single reference point to adjust and monitor all instrument settings. The multifunction joystick provides intuitive and fast adjustment for common sectioning functions.

User comfort

  • Integrated, motorised height adjustment allows users to work comfortably in either a standing or sitting work position
  • Form-fit design eliminates back and neck strain associated with frozen sectioning
  • Large open chamber with bright, adjustable LED lighting for optimal visibility
  • Motorized cutting reduces user fatigue and avoids repetitive injury
  • Standby and sleep modes reduce energy consumption and background noise

Integrated motorised height adjustment

For individual operator preference a single touch on the LCD screen allows rapid height adjustment of the CryoStar from 82 – 122 cm.  Together with form-fit design and adjustable LED lighting serves to provide optimal comfort and visibility when sectioning.

Operator Safety

  • Optional Cold-D disinfection system provides protection against surface contaminants
  • Motorised cutting initiated with ‘double tap’ via ‘start/stop’ button or foot pedal (optional) to prevent accidental use
  • Optional vacutome assists in safe removal of waste debris when trimming or sectioning
  • Blade transfer tool allows the operator to safely remove the blade from holder reducing the chance of injury

Cold D disinfection system

Disinfection agent Sanosil™ is dispersed as a vapour to permeate throughout the cryochamber, providing a non-toxic disinfection solution. This proprietary system is fast, safe and complete, ensuring that staff safety is never compromised while sectioning.

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