Join us at our offices in Durban 26 October for the seminars featuring local and international speakers covering diverse topics in science.

See our equipment in action from our international suppliers, and speak to our product specialists. In exposing knowledge, products and people we hope to bring you many possibilities.

  09H00 – 10H30 Take the pH(ew) out of pH – Tips and tricks to make measuring pH a breeze. Presented by Liezl Wichmann – Labotec
  Ion Selective Electrodes – Everything you need to know to customISE your measurements. Presented by Liezl Wichmann – Labotec
  11H00 – 12H30 Key considerations in choosing the best cold storage equipment for your critical samples. Presented by Prashanth Navada – Thermo Fisher Scientific
Contamination prevention in Cell Culture. Presented by Prashanth Navada – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  12H30 – 13H00 Reproductive Biology – An Overview. Presented by Ernest Gabriel – Synergy Reproductive
    13H00 – 14H00 / Lunch
  14H00 – 14H30 Crafting Beer, the science and art of brewing. Presented by Megan Gemmell – Clockwork Brewhouse
  14H30 – 15H00 Biotechnology in South African Sugarcane Agriculture. Presented by Ms Gwethlyn Meyer – Sugar Research Inst

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